Music Hall strumalong, 23rd September 7.30pm at Catford Constitutional Club

Hi folks,

Last year in September I did the first ukulele strumalong in the Ravensbourne Arms in Ladywell. I had but a few sub standard ukuleles to hand out!   

Jump forwards a year and we now have 50 good quality ukuleles to hand out and a new venue, The Catford Constitutional Club!!

So far we have given £250.00 to Demelza Children’s Hospice and £250.00 to Sedgehill school for their prom. 

We have £500 which we will donate to local charities before Xmas 2015. 

We will be doing the ‘Music Hall’ evening again by popular request on Wednesday 23rd September at 7.30pm at the Catford Constitutional Club. 

Here are the YouTube links to the songs we will be doing:

And here is a link to some of the chords we will be using if you want to have a go:

Bring a friend – there are plenty of ukuleles to use. I teach the chords to each song before we play and give you time to practice. 

Hope to see you all there,

Keep on strumming!


Maxine Haffner
Catford Charity Strummers Chair

Highlights of our first year

We started out as FOSS (Friends of Sedgehill School) in June 2014.  We changed our name to Catford Charity Strummers in July 2015. 

Our ukulele strumalongs started in September 2014 at the Ravensbourne Arms in Ladywell and changed our venue to the Catford Constitutional Club in March 2015. 

Stand out theme of the year

Every month, our ukulele strumalong session has a theme. Some of the themes:

Xmas songs, Burns Night, Valentine’s, St Patrick’s Day, Music Hall…

The best night was definitely Country and Western night. It was so good that we did it twice!! 



Charity donations 

We made a donation of £250.00 to Demelza children’s hospice in Eltham and £250.00 to The year 11 students at Sedgehill School towards their prom. 

We will continue to make £250.00 donations to small local charities throughout the coming year. 

We hope that Catford Charity Strummers will continue for many years to come, strumming to raise funds for small charities. 

Keep on strumming


Catford Charity Strummers chair 

The journey continues

I had an Elizabeth Chandler jewellry party for me and friends at home for my birthday. It was brilliant. Never before have I seen my friends so concentrated in doing a task. We all made some really lovely jewellry and really surprised ourselves with how creative we really are! I recommend having an adult jewellry party – it is a really inexpensive and productive way to get together with friends for a very memorable evening. Thanks Jane


As a child at school I always enjoyed the practical subjects; art, science, design technology, music etc, and I was the same as a teacher. I loved teaching the practical subjects and seeing the children learn the skills needed to create something out of nothing, to investigate, to solve problems, to collaborate, to actually learn.  I loved the cross curricular teaching and learning; linking art or music, or history or science into the other areas of the curriculum.  I loved spending whole days on ‘projects’.

I loved the teaching and learning aspects of being a primary school teacher.  I also loved the pattern of the work; the segmentation of the day; the many different aspects of the work and how they can be split, ordered, put off, prioritised, delegated, squeezed and stretched. I loved the fact it involved planning and teaching. I appreciated the assessment. I liked researching and gathering or making…

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Wednesday 19th August Catford Constitutional Club 7.30pm

Hey there Strummers. 

For those of us who are still in Catford, how about coming to our ‘Musicals’ ukulele strumalong. There will be no school the next day so you could give the kids a treat and bring them with you!

Catford Charity Strummers ‘Musicals’: Wednesday 19th August 7.30pm at Catford Constitional Club. Here is the play list:
1. Bare necessities: Jungle Book

2. Hard knock life: Annie

3. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

4. A spoonful of sugar: Mary Poppins

5. Deadwood Stage: Calamity Jane

6. Summertime: Porgy and Bess

7. A little bit of luck: My fair lady

8. Mack the Knife: 3 Penny Opera

Ukuleles are free to use for all attending the evening.  All fingering of chords will be shown before each song. Have a look at my YouTube playlist for a preview of the kind of chords we will be using:

And here is my YouTube link to the songs themselves:

A really inexpensive night out for the whole family. Where else can you get to play and sing fab tunes in a group, borrow a good quality ukulele, get top quality tuition by a professional ukulele tutor and give to local charities?

Any questions? Email me 

I look forward to welcoming Strummers, new and old alike. 

Maxine Haffner

Catford Charity Strummers chairperson 

Choose a charity 

Hi Strummers,

Our main aim is to raise funds to donate to small local charities that help young people in our community. 

We currently have £500.00 to donate to a charity that helps or will engage local young people in some way. 

I have a few ideas for charities we could donate to. If you have any other charities that you think we should consider, please let me know. 

  1. Children First Lewisham : a charity based in Kaleidoscope children’s centre which helps children with special needs
  2. XLP : XLP has projects dealing with a wide variety of issues including gang culture, anger management and violence, poverty, prejudice, racism and image and identity.
  3. Lewisham Toy Library is a place where children or their parents can borrow toys to take home. Children need a great variety of toys not only to play with but also to develop skills. Their tastes though are not always predictable and toys can be expensive.
  4. We could part-sponsor  local teenagers to volunteer for projects nationally and overseas eg XLP Went to Uganda recently,  The Conservation Volunteers have projects all over Britain, The Moldova Project sends volunteers to help in orphanages in Moldova.

In May, we donated £250.00 to Demelza children’s hospice in Eltham. In June, we donated £250.00 to the year 11 pupils at Sedgehill School towards their school prom.   
I would gladly welcome your thoughts and opinions as to which charities we can assist. 

In September 2015, I will do a ballot tondecide which charity/charities will receive our cash gift. 


Catford Charity Strummers Chairperson 

Who we are and what we do

Catford Charity Strummers: an unregistered charity who raise money to support small charities. We do this by:

  • Holding a monthly ukulele workshop in the Catford Constitutional Club
  • Doing ukulele workshops for other groups and charities
  • We also sell crocheted goods sometimes!!

Maxine Haffner is the chair (I also run the ukulele workshops and crochet the goods)

Michael Haffner is the treasurer

Jillian Eastmond is the secretary 

Andrea Permentiers is our fantastic ideas person.

Catford Charity Strummers operate a drop-in workshop system at the monthly ukulele workshop at the Catford Constitiutional Club. Total beginners can attend our workshops because I teach the chords which are used in each song we strum along to beforehand and allow you time to practice before we all play along together. So you can attend our workshops without owning a ukulele or practising before you come along.  
 You can book a ukulele workshop for you club or society, your workplace or a party.  All proceeds will go to our charity. 

We are building up a list of small charities who we would like to support so if you know of any small charities who you think would benefit from a small one off donation, please let me know.

Maxine Haffner

Twitter: @catfordstrummer